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  • A Guilde to Large Reef Aquarium
  • Adventures of Gary the Trochus
  • A Guide to Setting Up a Reef Aquarium | SPS Update
  • A Guilde to All-In-One Aquariums
  • 15 Gallon Invert Only Nano Aquarium Build
  • A Guide to Setting Up a Nano Aquarium
  • CUBE 20 Battle
Giveaway Winners


Episode 131: New Products - We got you covered with these attractive new items.

In this live episode we are announcing some new products. Be sure to check it out and participate for an opportunity to win some swag. Ask questions on the LIVE CHAT and we'll do our best to answer them.

Episode 130: Choosing the right fish for your aquarium.

In this live episode we are adding the first round of fish to the INFINIA. Which ones are best to add in the beginning, which ones to avoid and why. Join us for what's set to be a very informative live show. 

Episode 127: Infinia spotlight - We love our new INIFINIA and we're going to show you why.

On this live episode we chat about the new Waterbox INFINIA. This aquarium looks amazing with its new colors and impressive depth. We will be showcasing the INFINIA 215.5.  

Rookie Fish - Lets discuss our go-to reef beginner fish.

On this live episode we chat about our top pick for beginner fish for reef aquariums.

Episode #124: Let's Talk About Cleanup Crews

Join us as we discuss some of the most important inhabitants of your saltwater aquarium— the cleanup crew! We're reviewing our FAVORITE inverts for a happy, healthy and clean system! Drop your questions during the livestream to participate in our Live Q+A and engage in the chat for your chance to win some Waterbox swag.

Let's Talk About Products in the New Year: Updates + Announcements

We're back in the swing of things here at Waterbox Studios and we've got some 'knowledges' to share with you, Waterbox Fam— let's discuss some of our favorite products, what you'd like to see in the future, and more! Join us as we talk about some upcoming changes and make some announcements today on Waterbox LIVE.  

What's New For 2022!

Welcome to the New Year, Waterbox Family! We're changing up how we do Waterbox LIVE to bring you even more of what you've come to expect— more educational content, more 'knowledges' and more know-how. Join us as we review what's new at Waterbox Studios along with a look at our newest 'Top 10 Inverts' feature!  

It's Almost Giveaway Time! Checking in on the REEF LX 320.7 + Taking Your Questions LIVE

We've finally made it to December— that means it's almost time to wrap up our 'A Guide to Large Reef Aquariums' giveaway and draw our grand prize winner! Join us to take a look at the REEF LX 320.7 and see how things have settled in, plus get all the last-minute details of tomorrow's grand prize drawing.

Let's Talk Black Friday!

Announcing this year's Black Friday promotions, and we've got some great incentives to share with you! Tune in for details and see what's new today on Waterbox LIVE.

What to expect when starting a freshwater Aquarium.

Today we are checking in on the most recent freshwater builds. The MARINE X artificially planted Cichlid aquarium and the CLEAR 4820 planted aquarium. These are a great addition to our studio but maintenance of newly established freshwater aquariums are not without some hurdles. We're here to show you how we're making sure these stay on track to becoming thriving freshwater landscapes.